Frequently asked questions for Sarasota Party Buses

Which vehicle is right for me?

That depends on what you need transportation for! We have a variety of vehicles, including Sarasota limos, party buses, sedans and shuttle buses. If you need to go to the airport or have a corporate event, a sedan or shuttle bus is probably best for you. If you want to get a little crazy with your friends, choose a party bus. If you have a classy occasion like a wedding or prom, consider a limo. No matter which vehicle you choose, we know you will be happy!

How soon in advance do I have to reserve my vehicle?

As soon as you are sure that you want to use our service. You can book a vehicle the day of your trip, but we don’t recommend it. Our vehicles are first come first serve, so we cannot guarantee that we will have the vehicle that you are looking for available that close to your pick up. However, if you find yourself in a jam, give us a call! We will do our best to help out!

Do I have to put down a deposit?

Yes, we require a 200 dollar deposit on a credit or debit card when you reserve the vehicle. This deposit goes toward your total payment. The deposit protects your interests as well as ours. It guarantees that we hold your vehicle for you and that you won’t cancel on us at the last minute.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?

You sure can, as long as everybody is of legal drinking age. We do not allow any underage passengers if alcohol is present. We can’t provide alcohol, so be sure to bring your own.

Is there any way to accrue extra charges during my run?

Yes, but if you are conscientious and return the vehicle in the condition it was brought to you, it is unlikely. Charges can accrue if you go past your scheduled drop off, break or vandalize anything, leave an excessive mess, or smoke on the vehicle. Your driver will go over how to avoid these charges when he has you sign the contract. If you are worried about getting extra charges or want to know what each offense would cost, be sure to call us and ask!

How long may I keep a vehicle?

As long as you want! We do have a minimum amount of time that you must rent a vehicle for (which varies depending on which of our services you are using), but after that, anything goes! Our reservation specialists will explain our rates to you. You are also welcome to go past your scheduled drop off time as long as it does not interfere with another client’s pick up. Overages will apply if you go past your scheduled time.

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